What is Singapore Naphtha?

Singapore Naphtha is a volatile, colourless product of petroleum distillation. Singapore Naphtha is used primarily as a paint solvent, cleaning fluid, blendstock in gasoline production and as petrochemical feedstock.

Trading Naphtha

Swap traders price off Platts; Free On Board (FOB) Singapore naphtha quotation; and the Cargo and Freight (C+F) Japan physical quotation. Ginga’s customer base includes Japan, China, Korea, Singapore and Europe.

PRODUCTS Singapore Naphtha
Contract Size 50,000 Bbl per Contract for Singapore Naphtha

Categories of trading:​

Inter-month Spreads
Inter-product Spreads (Naphtha/Gas Oil Spread)
Crack Spreads (Naphtha/Dubai Spread)

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