Middle Distillates

Middle Distillates are hydrocarbons that include primarily Gas Oil and aviation Jet Fuel (or high-grade Kerosene). Gas Oil is increasingly used as an industrial fuel, displacing Fuel Oil because of environmental concerns. It is also used as a fuel for buses, lorries, and taxis. Jet Fuel is commonly used as an aviation fuel and also as a domestic fuel for heating purposes.

Trading Middle Distillates

Jet Fuel and Gas Oil swaps are traded on a monthly, quarterly and calendar year basis. Ginga’s customer base includes Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Australia and Europe.

PRODUCT Jet Fuel (Kerosene)
Gas Oil
0.5% Sulphur Gas Oil
Contract Size 10,000 to 50,000 Bbl per Contract
Categories of Trading • Jet/Kerosene and 0.5%S Gas Oil Singapore Swaps
• Jet/Gas Oil Spreads (regrade)
• Inter-month Spreads
• East-west Spreads
• Crack Spreads (Gas Oil/Dubai crack, Kero/Dubai crack)
Offerings • Asian and European Market Access
• Clearport / ICEBlock / AsiaClear

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