GFI Ginga

GFI Ginga provides a comprehensives range of broking services for the energy market. We cover both OTC and exchange-listed futures across oil, gas, petrochemicals, biofuels, palm oil and rubber. Our hybrid offering includes both traditional voice broking, as well as electronic execution.

In 2019, Ginga was acquired by GFI Asia Holdings. The new standalone unit combines GFI’s overall strength in energy, with Ginga’s extensive presence in the oil sector. GFI Ginga will operate as one single entity, with integrated information flows across our desks in Asia, North America and Europe. Our aim is to become a global, market-leading franchise with the scale to handle cross-continent volume.

Full-service brokerage with global scale

Commodity broking is a specialised field that requires insight, perception and acute judgment. GFI Ginga is now better positioned than ever to provide the best possible service to our customers. Ginga’s team of 50 highly experienced brokers in Singapore are joined by GFI’s oil broking teams in London and New York. Together, we offer unrivalled product and market knowledge, and will provide our clients with in-depth insights, access to liquidity and maximum anonymity when trading.

Innovation and partnership

As the energy market moves towards screen-based trading, GFI Ginga is continuing to innovate. By establishing a sound understanding of our customers and their needs, we are able to develop the best customised solution to optimise every investment and trading decision. In partnership with our clients, we will enhance our risk management services so as to mitigate risk; develop new products; and discover new markets that will maximise financial yield.

Products traded:

Heating Oil
Fuel Oil
Middle Distillates
Crude Oil
Brent Oil
Fuel Oil
Palm oil


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