Petrochemical – Physical

PHYSICAL PRODUCTS > PETROCHEMICAL Petrochemicals Petrochemicals represent the majority of all chemicals shipped between the continents of the world. They are organic chemicals derived from petroleum. Trading Petrochemical: Ginga offers…

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NAPHTHA – physical

PHYSICAL PRODUCTS > NAPHTHA What is Singapore Naphtha? Singapore Naphtha is a volatile, colourless product of petroleum distillation. Singapore Naphtha is used primarily as a paint solvent, cleaning fluid, blendstock…

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LPG- physical

PHYSICAL PRODUCTS > LPG Liquified Petroleum Gas LPG, also known as Liquefied Petroleum Gas, is a gas under normal temperature and pressure. LPG's main components are Propane (C3H8) and Butane…

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PALM OIL – physical

PHYSICAL PRODUCTS > PALM OIL Palm Oil About Palm Oil Palm oil can be used to produce biodiesel, which is also known as palm oil methyl ester. And with the…

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BIOFUELS – physical

PHYSICAL PRODUCTS > COAL Biofuels About Biofuels The key to successful business ventures in biofuels is in understanding the complex nexus between, the food, feed and fuel supply chain and…

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