Rubber trading has become part of the Singapore’s legacy as it developed into a major trading and economic hub in the 1900s.

Trading Rubber

Ginga offers broking service for Rubber Option and below is the contract specifications:


SGX SICOM TSR 20 Rubber Options

Product Type


Product Category


Ticker Symbol

Calls – CTF; Puts – PTF

Contract Size

5 metric tonnes

Minimum Price Fluctuation

0.1 US cent per kg

Contract Months

11 serial months


US cents per kg

Tick Value


Trading Hours (Singapore Time)


T session: 7.55 am – 6.00 pm



T session: 7.55 am – 6.00 pm


Note: After the close of the T-session, there will be a 30min grace window for participants to continue registering T-session trades.

Trading Hours on Last Day


Last Trading Day

The last Business Day of the month preceding the Last Trading Day of the underlying SGX SICOM TSR 20 (FOB) Rubber Futures contract

Daily Price Limits


Settlement Basis

Underlying Futures Settlement

Delivery Period


Ports of loading


Position Accountability / Position Limit

A Person shall not own or control any combination of the SGX SICOM TSR 20 (FOB) Rubber Futures, SGX SICOM TSR 20 Rubber Options, and the SGX SICOM OTC TSR 20 Rubber Forward Contracts that exceeds an equivalent of 10,000 SGX SICOM TSR 20 (FOB) Rubber Futures Contracts on the same side of the Market in respect of any or all Contract Months combined.

Negotiated Large Trade

20 lots

Bloomberg Ticker Code


Refinitiv Ticker Code


Strike Price Intervals

2 US cents per kg

Option Exercise

European Style: An option may be exercised by the buyer only at expiry.


Exercise for a call buyer or a put seller results in a long SGX SICOM TSR 20 (FOB) Rubber Futures position which corresponds with the option’s contract month at a value equal to the strike price, while the exercise for a put buyer or a call seller results in a short SGX SICOM TSR 20 (FOB) Rubber Futures position at a value equal to the strike price.


An option that is in-the-money and has not been liquidated prior to the termination of trading shall be exercised automatically.

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