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Established at the end of 1998, Ginga provides a comprehensive and expanding range of broking services for the energy markets including oil, gas, coal, petrochemicals, tanker freight and Biofuels.

Since our inception, we have built ourselves a credible reputation of reliability and integrity by providing our clients timely and transparent information that is augmented by impartial advice and value-add service. And this is why our clients keep coming back to us – they trust us to do the right thing for them.

Commodity broking is a specialised field that requires insight, perception and acute judgment. Every time you look for a broker, you are looking for a reliable, well-informed and dedicated business partner – one who understands your trading needs.

With our strong understanding of the commodity markets, we are positioned to provide our best service to our customers. We seek to establish long-lasting partnerships built on the foundation of integrity, innovation and knowledge. As Asia's leading full service broking house, we are committed to developing new markets and creating new opportunities for our clients.

Fostering Partnerships

We believe that fostering long-lasting partnerships with our customers is the key to long-term growth and success. By establishing a sound understanding of our customers and their needs, we are able to develop the best customised solution to optimise every investment and trading decision. Together with our clients, we will enhance our risk management services so as to mitigate risk; develop innovative products; and discover new markets that will maximise financial yield.

Products Traded:

Fuel Oil
Middle Distillates
Crude Oil
Palm Oil

Continuously Innovating

Our broking teams are made up of former traders and experienced energy and commodity brokers with profound product and market knowledge, each focused on providing our clients with leading market insight, anonymity and liquidity access; and each just as committed to creating new products and services. Ginga has more than sixty brokers offering a wide portfolio of products in the physical and derivatives markets, some of which Ginga pioneered. In just 6 years, we have become one of the leading Naphtha broker in Singapore. We also managed to successfully introduce the first-of-its-kind benzene forward deal for the broking of aromatics in Asia. As such, we like to think of ourselves as revolutionaries in energy brokering -- continuously enhancing, innovating and lighting up the skies of Energy Broking.

Why Choose Ginga
Trading in the energy and commodity markets is often complicated and risky. You need an objective guide to help you exploit the growing benefits of the increasing number of financial instruments. At Ginga, we pride ourselves on our ability to contribute to effective risk management. With a broad and established network of clients, our brokers can offer you the best prices, as well as the best mix of hedging strategies, customised to suit your needs. With in-depth market insight and expertise, we are well-positioned to assist you in mitigating your risks and maximizing your resources to give you better returns.
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